2014: one word

Happy New Years!! :)

I’d heard about this one word new years resolution thingy for a while, from a few places and decided to do it this year. soooo….

mine is a bit more than one word… but here it is:

2014: the year of Here & Now. to live in this moment. right where I am. I can’t get any of this back [none of us can, you know], and I want to make the most of each second, of each moment, hour, day, week, month. the only way to really do that is to be present, here and now.

also three other small(ish) things:

confidence in the LORD. so many of my favourite verses lately have had that word confidence in them. it’s like those words lavish, and abundance. it’s not “just” we think, or we know, or we hope, WE HAVE CONFIDENCE! {it’s like a complete hope, which also ties into….}

the LORD is all I need. (possibly my new soundtrack) satisfy me LORD this year (and always), be my desire, fill me up! contentment

…and last but by no means least…

gratitude. gotta keep on counting those blessings, being thankful for each and every moment I’m in (Here & Now folks, Here & Now!), that the LORD will fill me… for everything.

may God richly bless you in this new and beautiful year!


4 thoughts on “2014: one word

  1. krekker says:

    3 months in, how are you doing with your one word? :)


    • ha! more like 4 months now!
      sorry for not replying to this ;P
      it is going so-so. I find that I remember to be in the here and now, at like certain times of the day, when I’m putting the girls to bed, or taking a walk, or things like that. still something I need the grace of God to work on, but I’m gettin there ;)
      did you pick a one word this year Kristen? :)


      • krekker says:

        The word that seemed to ‘choose me’ this year is: beyond. I love it. God is so, so much bigger and His plans are so much more amazing than we know. I’m learning more about who I am in Christ and am continually struck by the promises in Scripture. They are more than incredible. I’ve read a few amazing books and have been privilege to experiences borne out of prayer in the Spirit. ‘Beyond’ can’t even capture the reality. :)


      • I love it Kristen! Amen! Because God IS so much more beyond all we can possibly imagine!


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